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Acme Automation offers the following quality services for our precious clients:

Electrical System Design

  • All clients electrical plan and specification shall be design according to the latest National Electrical Code and NFPA 70 requirements.

    System Concept Design and Development

  • A good design starts with the fully understanding of the problem and good description of process to be control. With our expertise, we will gather all necessary information and come up with a well design control specification or sequence of operation for your process.

    Control Panel Design

  • From the control specification, an open architect system such as Ethernet LAN, OPC servers and clients, shall be developed using low cost, high quality products that will interface seamlessly with your existing products. Future expansion is also considered during the design process. The system shall be easy to operate and user friendly. Appropriate drawings are generated using AutoCAD.

    Local Area Network

  • Window NT, XP network design and configuration for data collection.

    Software Programming

  • Application software shall be written adhering to standard programming practice such as relay ladder logic, IEC 61131, and shall meet the specification requirements. All the programs shall be fully documented for future reference and services.

    Panel Fabrication and Testing

  • We assembles all panels with strict accordance to the specifications and all applicable codes and standards such as U.L, NEC, and JIC. All panel are carefully tested and simulated before shipping to minimize your shutdown time.

    Field Calibration, Setup and Startup

  • During startup, all field devices and I/O points shall be verified and checked for continuity and within the design ranges. System shall be startup and tuning to meet the functional and reliability requirement.

    O & M and Documentation

  • A well written operating and maintenance manuals shall be developed to facilitate operation and services.


  • An organized and details training shall be provided to client's requirement.
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