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Quality Control Panel and PLC Programming


Sand Filter

Sand Filter Panel

Chlorine Analyzer


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  • Acme Automation offers a complete
    electrical and control system package
    with electrical and control system
    engineering and design, control
    panel fabrication, programming,
    training and services for process
    control and industrial automation.
    We focus on the first time quality
    design from the beginning to avoid
    and eliminate many expensive mistakes
    down the line
  • We work as a team to provide
    customers with on time, quality
    systems and supports
  • Our team is comprised of experienced
    control system engineers, professional
    electrical engineers (PE), network
    engineers, SCADA and PLC software
    programmers with extensive experience
    in environmental / air pollution
    control, water/waste water
    treatment plants, pump stations, HVAC,
    material handling, conveyor control and
    power distribution control.

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